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What We Do

The main activity of Lucky2BHere is to place defibrillators and deliver emergency life support training to communities throughout Scotland. To date we have achieved this in numerous areas. These communities can take any form from sports clubs, rural villages, churches, businesses and many more. Irrespective of size each each one receives the same high level of service.

AED Training Shetland Ross Cowie Saving Lives Scotland

We take an innovative approach in how we deliver our model but always stick to our 3 guiding principles:

  • We only give out equipment and training to those that ask for it.
  • Any equipment provided must be accompanied by ELS training.
  • In return we look to receive a donation which covers our costs and maybe a wee bit more!

All additional donations we receive goes towards training equipment and education.


AED Training Sport Shinty Ross Cowie Saving Lives Scotland