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Saving A Life During COVID-19

Using a Defibrillator does not increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission and it could save a life!

L2BH devices remain ‘rescue ready’ across Scotland. There's no risk to you in getting help and calling ‘999’. There's no risk to you in bringing the defib to the scene and, if you are able/willing to get more involved, there are easy precautions you can take.

Resuscitation Council UK have looked at the risk of COVID-19 transmission during resuscitation and concluded that: "the risk is very small and is set against the inevitability that a person in cardiac arrest will die if no assistance is given.”

Our L2BH Trainers are always available to answer questions and give advice - just get in touch Contact Us

L2BH Covid 19 Guidance

Go Declan Go!

A tragic young boxer’s death in Sheffield spurred 12 year old Declan Atkinson in to action to fund a defibrillator for Wicker Camp gym. Declan's appeal was seen by Alistair Simpson, a former member of the gym and now a L2BH Trainer on Skye. Lucky2BHere just had to get involved!

Wicker Gym presentation

Now there are 123!

When the Eilean Siar team started three years ago, there were seven AEDs in the Western Isles – now there are 123. A huge well done to Angus, Fiona, Roddy and everyone else involved in Eilean Siar. What you have achieved on a voluntary basis in such a short time is truly amazing! 

Four years ago, on January 28th 2015, Angus Morrison of Balallan suffered a heart attack. More fortunate than some, he survived the traumatic experience and started thinking what could be done to get help quickly to people in a similar situation.

For Angus, Councillor for the Uig and North Lochs District, that moment was life-changing in more ways than one. It set him off on a quest to ensure that easy-to-use life-saving equipment could be made readily available in public places and it set in motion a shift in thinking that would touch people all over the Western Isles.

"You never know when someone is going to collapse from a cardiac arrest," said Angus. "The first few minutes in that situation are vital to increase their chance of survival. Not everyone can be saved by using a defibrillator, but we thought if we could save just one life by having them available, it would be worth it. And it’s not just that all those defibrillators have been installed. Thousands of people, including children throughout the Western Isles, have received training in how to administer CPR and the use of a defibrillator, with Lucky2Bhere providing the training and installation advice."

There is now a defibrillator in every school in the Western Isles, supplied by Lucky2Bhere, a tremendous achievement in itself. The defibrillators are located outside the school, so they can be used during term time and at the same time be available to the community outwith school hours. All are accessible 24/7 for any sudden need.



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